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5 Marketing Trends Coming In 2022

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

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The Marketing World Is Shifting Right Now

Most people will adopt new baselines only once they have been established. In the marketing world, this can be dangerous. Once something has been established, it looses all potential power for massive exposure.

As an example, Tiktok was not adopted by a mass amount of people in the early stages. During those times, you could put a video out about anything with a high chance of going viral.

Now that the mass majority has accepted it, there is more competition on the app and the video content needs to be truly superior for a chance of becoming a viral sensation.

So, what are the top trends to look out for in 2022? Here they are. Leverage these to grow your business.

1. Marketing Automations

marketing automation

Not exactly ground breaking or new; However a lot of businesses have still not adopted automations in their business. This is set to change next year, when people will notice they need more time to create marketing campaigns for their businesses.

What is the best way to maximize your time? Learn an automation that works for your business. Marketing automations, for email, ad creation, google seo and ranking can be lifesavers.

Start looking for automations and it will open up a lot of your time.

2. Leaning on Organic Leads

The best type of lead is a referral. The second best type of lead is an organic one. Most businesses are starting to figure this out and putting more effort into organic marketing methods.

Organic SEO tricks

This includes YouTube, Google SEO rankings and posting content that is not about ads, but just about forming a community.

Since most consumers are getting tired of ads, there will be a big push to organic leads, not jus tin 2022, but for the following years to come.

3. Less Advertising, More Brand Work

Time has progressed and the average person is tired of ads. A big part can be thanked to Zuckerberg, and with that, most of the social media feed we know and see today is ads.

Tiktok was a great example of an ad fee platform, so they almost demanded anyone making an ad, to make it seem like it was not one. How did businesses adjust?

They made the ad in the style of a trend or made it look like a real person making the video simply using the product. This calls more attention to the brand than to a message saying "buy my stuff now. Get 20% off."

4. Video over Picture Content

Just when you were getting comfortable hiring a photographer, you now need to make the switch to video. Does this mean pictures are dead?

tiktok video marketing and advertising

No. However, your audience will most likely gravitate to video content and those making it. Video is more descriptive and allows clients to really get familiar with you. When this happens, the bond with the product or service intensifies.

Plus, video on YouTube becomes searchable so if someone has an issue and your video comes up as a solution, then you won them over. Video Marketing for the win!

5. Entertainment Based Ads

From all the trends, I see this one as the hardest for most businesses to do. Entertainment? What does that even mean?

Why do I need to entertain someone? Can't I just offer a 10% discount and be done with?

You can do all sorts of old marketing tricks. However, what will get you the most attention and the best "bang for your buck" is this. Learn to entertain the audience and you could be viral from one day to the next.

Any business who puts time and effort to market themselves this way, will see larger amounts of attention than those who do not.

Be The Trendsetter

The moment is now to jump on these changes and up your marketing. The general population is always late and fail to catch the wave of attention when it is hot.

Everyone was skeptical of Instagram when it first came out. Now everyone wants to market on it. It is these moments before the trend takes off that we can be the leaders in the space. Try it out now, while the opportunity is still here.

For more article like this one on marketing tips and trends, check out The Marketing Hunters.

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Dec 30, 2021

How soon into 2022 will we start seeing the shift?


Dec 27, 2021

Do you think TikTok will overtake Reels and Instagram? where would you make your video content?


Dec 27, 2021

Love the content simple and easy to understand.


Dec 24, 2021

Wow, so informative. I knew I needed to make a shift but had no idea where to start.....


Dec 07, 2021

This is great!

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