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5 Reasons To Use Instagram Reels Over Regular Posts

Instagram has become relevant again...

For a while now, the platform was feeling a bit static. Same posts, IGTV's that no one was really watching, and memes that were being used over and over again on stories.

Then came Reels, the equivalent to TikTok. However, the rules were not the same an in order to succeed in reels, you need to captivate the person watchin the video to watch the full clip, rewatch it and send it to others. However, even if you do not do all those things, Reels will automatically get you more views and impressions than a regular post will.

So why do anything else? Here are five reasons you need to create Reels over posts in 2021.

1) It Is Interactive

Above everything else, your reel forces you to be interactive. You are not just posting something quick or boring. Some sort of thought needs to go into it and people will react to it.

The more time you can put into it, the better your result will be. Have fun with it. It will be worth the time if you are looking to grow your online presence and your brand.

2) Instagram is Actively Promoting Reels

IGTV is a joke when it comes to video content. Let's be real about that. So what is better? Reels. Just because it keeps people longer on Instagram. So make your reel funny, engaging, make people think and ask them questions.

The longer and more you can keep people on Instagram, the more exposure they are willing to trade you for it. This is why there is an entire tab at the bottom of the app dedicated just to Reels. Follow the natural flow of Instagram and reap the benefits.

3) You Can Create A Reel Easily By Following Trends

Creating Content can be difficult, unless you are following a current video trend. People will create a video trend and you can easily make that trend your own.

Since others know there are trend videos, when yours comes on, they will automatically stay on the video just to see your version of it. Boost in views and your profile right away.

See, it really is that easy!

4) People Are Conditioned To Learn Via Reels and Short Video Content

We live in a time were attention spans are shorter. Which means that you can now go on there and make videos on what you want to show people.

However, there is a caveat. DO NOT BE BORING!

A reel is meant to entertain primarily. So even if you are going to educate, have something interesting happening, pick a background song, dance a little.

There will be a lot of boring educators trying to do the same thing you are and if you cannot stand out, you will not get that many views.

5) It's The Best ROI on Your Time

Aside from everything, the views, the impressions and the video content you can reuse, you really get the most back from the time spent on Reels.

So if you are going to pend 30 minutes on a IGTV or 30 minutes on a reel, you can get more people engaged and more eyes focused on you with a Reel.

So the question should be, why not make a reel?

Want Instagram Help?

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This is for people who want to grow the right way, including reels and directing traffic from other social media platforms.

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