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Rated the Top Marketing Agency in El Paso, Texas.

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WE MAKE YOur Brand icOnic

Marketing hunters logo


The brand story is told through videos, content, and through word of mouth, from client to client. What you say is what people believe. Make sure your brand story aligns with your clients core beliefs. 


How does your product or service make people feel? Do you give the customer an experience or is it just a transaction. You can invest a lot of money into marketing, website design and other options, but if you fail to deliver a customer experience, you will be forgotten.


Is your logo clear to identify. Do customers show off with your logo? Are you seen as a luxury brand? Does the community you serve brag about your business or it's products they buy on your website? A strong identity makes it easier for consumers to talk about your business. 

The marketing hunters el paso

TransfOrm yOur
sOcial media presence

Social media marketing has changed a lot recently. Now, it's all about videos, regular posts, more ads, faster websites, and short videos on TikTok and Reels. It's important for your business to keep up and find new ways to attract customers while others stick to old social media methods. Use tools to manage your social media well, look at the numbers to make smart choices, and plan your posts in advance. Stay flexible, change your plans based on what's popular, and connect with people in a real way. With these modern social media tricks, your business can do well online.

Marketing SErvICES BrOwse by Industry

El Paso Marketing


A growing space in the world of marketing. Business coaches and others can benefit from a personal brand.

Graphic Design Markteting Hunters


Marketing Pamphlets, trifolds, business card design, logos, and all other graphic designs. 

Service Blue collar marketing hunters


B2B is our specialty. We understand blue collar workers and why consumers buy. Get leads with a strong web presence.

conference marketing hunters


Websites, ticket sale payment portals and high quality marketing videos. We help with all of it.

Don't fit into any of these? No worries!

Set up a call with us so we can fully customize your branding and marketing needs.

Website design the marketing hunters


Your website is more than just a digital handshake; it's a pivotal connection to the world. Essential for industry leaders, online stores, and local businesses, a well-crafted website goes beyond keywords. It's about optimization for search engines and seamless integration with other online tools, forming a blueprint for success.

Curious about the ideal website design tailored to your unique needs? Our expertise lies in crafting custom websites, avoiding generic templates. Contact us to delve into a conversation about developing a website that not only captures attention but also mirrors your business's essence, making a lasting impact on your visitors. Let's collaborate on a digital presence that truly sets you apart in the online landscape.

DOn't just take Our wOrd fOr it,
view Our real Client results


Ruben is very easy to work with and it's immediately obvious that he's passionate about what he does, whether you talk to him personally or see all of his well-put-together posts throughout social media. He does a great job and I recommend doing business with him!

- A. McCulloh


The experience I had with The Marketing Hunter's team has been paralleled by no other. Ruben and his team are pure professionals and consistently produce the highest quality work for my business. Can't say enough good things about this agency!

-S. Wheeler

Marcos Ramirez 
#1 Solar Sales Trainer Nationwide


Meet Our Clients

print work the marketing hunters

yes, we even dESIGN
print wOrk

Graphic designers that understand marketing and branding are like unicorns. Maybe they exist, but we don't know of any other than us. From pamphlets to trifolds, we can design the perfect marketing piece for print and make sure you don't need to worry about anything.



What does your brand stand for? Who are you targeting and why are you special? We will go into the exact strategy in which you will go to market and why a consumer will buy from you, over and over again. Let's create a magnetic brand, that brings costumers back, again & again.

consulting & pr

One on one brand consulting. Let's take an in depth look at the business marketing strategy, the brand identity and put it all together. Once we create a uniform message, wonderful changes start to happen.

Social media management

Creating content for social media allows the business to be present in more places with less resources. we take videos and pictures and make them the best for social media engagement. Get the most out of your social media content strategy.

promotional videos

Video editing is crucial in today's world of marketing. Viewers demand fast edits, entertainment, music in the backgrounds and in some cases, a bad dad joke here and there. We have years of editing video that will increase organic exposure in social media.

graphic design

Working with a marketing company who understands graphic design for promotion and print pieces can save you a lot of time and money. We get the vision and are able to bring it to life. 

website development

A potential client will search for you, your website and reviews online before making a buying decision. The websites design has a big part in how the customer perceives you and what they believe they should pay. Lets create a high class website for your business.

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