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Marketing Hack: The 3 Second Rule

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Is Your Marketing Falling Flat And Not Getting Any Attention?

Most businesses are stuck in a rut and feel like marketing does nothing for them. As times are changing, it is becoming more and more crucial that we look at new trends and new ways of capturing our target audiences attention.

Simple, right?

You might think I am sarcastic, but it really is simple. You just need to look at how consumers think in todays age of marketing. The consumers mind is changing but there is one thing that we all see. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

What does this mean for you and your business?

You Only Have 3 Seconds To Market Your Business

No really, that is all the time a consumer will give you in todays time and age online. They will only allow you to show an ad, video, post, picture or article for 3 seconds. Then they will move on or stay to watch for a little while longer.

Have you noticed yet what you have been doing wrong?

If you are like most businesses, then you are putting out generic media out with your marketing efforts.

"Buy this. Watch my video. I have a new picture up. Please comment."

All of these are wrong. The consumer is inundated with a million other, more entertaining options. Why would they stop and give you their attention when you fail to give them anything other than a command?

Video Marketing: Your 3 Second Hook

Reels and TikTok have taken the world by storm. Even YouTube had to get in on this with Shorts. LinkedIn is making a big push for more video content to be on their platform.


This is the next big trend. Pictures are great but do not tell a whole story. A video allows us to see the real person, the way they act and the words they use. It allows us to connect on a deeper level.

There is a catch though. You only have three seconds to create a hook that is strong enough to capture and keep the attention of the viewer. Most businesses will never understand this and create video without ever really thinking of why someone would watch this, and will they stick around for more than 3 seconds or just keep scrolling?

When you think about the viewer, you will realize that this is the exact same way you are. When the person talks too much in a video and never gets to a point, you get upset and keep scrolling. Why are they wasting your time?

Final Thought: Create Better Hooks

To recap, make sure you are making videos and content with great hooks, both in 3 second formats or even in articles, make sure the heading is good enough for the viewer to click on.

That will be your 3 second test. Look over your content and think, would I click on this? Would I watch this?

Marketing is changing quickly. Make sure you are changing with the times or your marketing dollars can easily be burned into nothing. We have seen people resist the change of video content, only to see subpar to little results for it.

For help to create better hooks and content, check out The Marketing Hunters or email

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