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The Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

el paso texas welding website design

Most small businesses that do not have websites consider it to be unnecessary. Depending on what your product or service is, word to mouth advertising is still a very popular medium of getting new business and referrals.

If that is the case, why would you be interested in showing up online?

Although the most powerful way to get a client is from a referral, most people in your city are doing there own research when they do not have someone they are referred to. Which means that if you are not showing up online, you are not able to capture any of those people and turn them into loyal customers.

Whether you are located in a growing city like El Paso, Texas or a larger city like Los Angeles, there are so many potential clients looking for your service or product and choosing your competition instead.

Let's look at the three reasons you need a website and how to leverage it to win more clients.

1. Customers Are Searching On Google For Your Service

el paso website design

81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. They are looking for the most credible websites with reviews to make a decision.

New clients that have not heard of you want to be assured they are going to be working with a great company. Which means they will make that decision before ever calling you.

They will only call to make sure they decision they are making is the right one. So how does your business show up online? When you hire a website designer, make sure you do not cut corners with cost, unless you really need to. This initial Google Search will be what most clients base their buying decision on.

2. Control The Reviews Your Customer Sees

Yelp and google reviews are great places for customers to review their experience. Your website cuts the middle man and allows you to control the viewpoint and image.

While most places to leave a review let the customer see client experiences, it does not allow you to tell the story of your business. It does not let your brand stand out. When a story cannot be told and a brand cannot be established, then you are seen as the same as every other business.

When this happens, you are judged on one thing only: Price.

Want to charge higher prices and get more leads? You need a website designer to help you with that mission.

Tell your brand's story and it will allow you to get more from your new website.

website designer

3. Your Customers Expect You to Have One

Do you remember that last piece of technology you really wanted? You must have gone to the companies website to see all the features it had. Should this product not have had a website, red flags would go off in your mind.

Although it is possible to combat this by showing up in person and winning the customer over, this takes time and resources. A website gives you the credibility within seconds.

When expanding a business, you need to ensure there are no reasons for a customer to give you backlash. As we move more and more into new technologies, we need to really make sure we are showing up as the most credible business in the person's mind.

Give them all the information they need and make them feel secure about their buying decision. At the end of the day, people will pay higher prices for a well executed service.

How will they know you can execute if they have never worked with you in the past? They need to do research. The less the find, the worst position you are in.

modern website design el paso

Need Help Creating Your Online Image?

We are here to make this happen when you want it and exactly how you want it. There are a lot of options to choose from when designing a website; How many pages, what style, what colors, what information do you want to present and much more. All this draws customers closer to your vision and allows them to be part of your Brand's following.

If we can help you with website design and brand creation, send an email to

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