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You Need A Hashtag For Your Business

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

hashtag of famous shoe manufacturer Nike

Branding is For Your Customer, Not You

Your company used to make products for customers. They would buy your product and tell their friends about it. However, it was difficult for them to say they supported or even represented your company.

This is no longer the case.

The customer of today wants to represent your company. Any shirt or apparel you give them will give them a sense of community. This is why your hashtag on social media must reflect the same message.

Make it Memorable

What is your message? Can your followers feel pride in using the hashtag or even better, wearing it?

This will all fall down on what your company is all about.

Some examples are:

A manufacturer that makes technology products. # Upgrade2.0

A security company that installs products to secure a community. # SafeZones

A carpet cleaning company that is the fastest one in their area. # TheCleaner

Whatever your industry, let your customers be part of your movement.

Put It on Apparel

How can you tell is you have a great hashtag? Your customer will be not only willing to wear the piece of clothing, they will want to pay you for it.

Most companies think they can put a logo on a shirt and that the customer should be thankful. However, this does nothing. They might wear your brand now to paint their house, so they wont get their nice clothing dirty.

We would be insulted. You should be too.

The goal should be that they don't even want to get it dirty, as to be able to keep this for a long time.

Start a Movement

By far the best example we can give. This simple hashtag started by fans of a movie. Those that chose sides in Twilight, showed support with one of two hashtags.

# TeamJacob


# TeamEdward

This is the point of your hashtag. You want people to side with you on what you are telling them. It has almost become like a logo. If they are willing to use it on their posts and wear it, you have some dedicated followers, and customers.

Start Brainstorming

You will develop a new hashtag for your business only after you decide it is crucial. Don't worry about getting it right on the first time. However, we would highly suggest to treat it like a logo.

This must take time to roll out the correct one. Once you have it, advertise it through all the means you have available. Once your clients see it is important to you, they will begin to support it.

Send us an email to if you would like help in creating the right hashtag for your business.

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