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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Its simple. Google loves Blogs. So You Should Too.

There is so much SEO potential in blogs. Not only does it keep your website current, but it adds new keywords every time you post a new blog entry. There is an unsaid algorithm in every company that will promote you on the internet.

Part of this is posting regularly.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or even Google, they are always looking fro the consistent people. The more content you put out, the more they tend to promote you.

This is not all though. As having a blog gives you than just SEO ranking.

Ability to Cross Post Your Own Content

Have you seen other companies, including your competitors, repost other articles from websites? Do you know what is wrong with this?

It does not bring people or customers back to your site!

This should be the main goal with any business. Your website controls the narrative of the story told of your business.

Why would you want to send them to anyone else's site? This does not get you any business; But sadly, most yet do not understand the purpose of social media or articles.

Here is an example of how you should be using your articles:

Create an article about something big in your industry that a consumer really needs to know.

Post this article on Facebook.

Advertise if you want to reach mass audiences.

This brings customers back you your site.

Additional note, have something in your article that leads customers to buy.

Makes You Stand Out As An Industry Leader

Leaders in every industry write the story, they are not reading it.

Can your customers come to your site for good, solid information on changes in the industry?

The more you can provide in free value for your clients, the more they will continue to come back to you for advice.

Guess what?

The more they remember you, the easier it is for them now to buy from your company.

Opportunity To Review Products & Collaborate

Who doesn't want better pricing or access to new products before anyone else? Depending on how large your audience will be, manufacturers will likely give you a free product or special pricing to review a product.

As an example, a nail salon can try out a new nail polish from a smaller company. Once they have finished the article and post it, they can go to Instagram, Facebook or any other social media site and send it to the manufacturer of the nail polish.

They might be interested in your business reviewing other new products before they hit the market or send you free product to keep writing reviews on their brand.

Get Started Blogging

There are many ways to get started with a blog. By far the best will be on your own website as a separate page. Blogs need to be fun, entertaining and most important informative.

Need help getting started?

Reach out to us at We can give you tips that will make your blog pop and stand out from others. Should you need someone to manage your blog, we can do it as well.

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