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The One Marketing Tool You Need To Use in 2019!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

How many consumers look at videos before purchasing?

50%. That right. Your read it correctly. One of every two customers interested in your products will see if you have a video on it.

What types of videos will help increase your sales and exposure in 2019? There are different types that you can make that will increase your brands" visibility and influence.

Live Q & A (Then Post the Recording)

With the internet, customers want answers as soon as possible. Rather than hiring more and more staff, a live video feed can answer a lot of questions within an hour span.

A great benefit to doing this, is what comes after the recording is done. Get that video and post it on Youtube. This allows anyone who missed to view it after and get their similar questions answered.

Story Videos on Facebook and Instagram

What a great way to have people informed instantly of a new product or feature. These videos are broken into 15 second clips that allow your audience to keep viewing them or to skip to the next one.

These first 15 seconds are crucial and should have some sort of hook to get them engaged or entertained enough to keep watching it.

Youtube Video Ads

The customers you are trying to reach are spending more time on Youtube in 2019 than on the TV. Which leads you to wonder, why are so many people still spending their advertising dollars on an avenue more and more people are ditching daily?

Youtube does not have to be hard. As mentioned above, the main window that has been created to capture someones attention is now 15 seconds. Putting a Youtube ad that is 5 - 15 seconds is more than enough.

Tutorials and How to Videos

It seems self explanatory; However, most companies still do not see this as a necessity yet. When you purchase a new product that you do not understand fully, do you jump on Google or Youtube to see how it works?

You are not alone.

Not only does this happen, but it allows the customer to fully understand a product based on the content that you provided. That's right! There is no more guessing because you have led them through the whole process and all the features.

Can you estimate how many calls this would save your company?

What's the Next Step?

You understand how important this tool is and that you must jump on it while your competitors have not. You are left with two options at this point in time.

First, you can choose to learn how to make these videos and what it is your audience is looking for. This does take a learning curve. Do not be discouraged. For this is part of the process that leads to growth. We understand not everyone will have time to do this, which is why you might want to look at option #2.

In this case, you would want to reach out to someone who has studied Social Media and Youtube. Ideally, you need someone who can tell you what content you need to post. How the videos should be presented, and edit them for you. This will cut out all the time that you would need to learn to do it on your own.

If you are interested in partnering to put out more video media in 2019, visit

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