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Rank #1 On Google By Optimizing Your Website

Ranking First On Google and SEO is not difficult.

Can I ask you a question? How much do you know about SEO?

The reason I ask is because when we began optimizing our website we hired experts who put in certain things like j-code and meta tags, It was things we had no idea about.

The strangest thing happened though. Maybe you can relate. We paid the SEO people to help us, they did the work, added all the H1 to H6 tags; However, our website remained in the 4th page of Google.

This article will go show you the things you actually need in order for Google to rank your website above others. Are you ready?

1. Take Care Of The Basics

The basics of SEO are the things everyone sees and knows of. The codes, like j-script, H1 to H6 tags, getting on the Google search console, ect.

This article will not tell you how to do these because these are advance items that should be done by a professional, otherwise you will be on YouTube for hours trying to figure it out.

Just make sure they are done, but be aware. This on its own will not get you a top rank.

2. Compress and Optimize Every Image and Video

You would be surprised how much Google wants a fast load speed. It wants it to be faster than instant. Half a second load time?

You're done. 3rd page rank instantly.

If possible, put videos on the bottom. The page loads from top to bottom, so it will make it possible for Google to see it loading faster and giving the viewer of the page a good experience.

3. Remove Strange Fonts and Effects

Any non-typical font will take longer to load. Try to stick to the basics. Can be a little boring, but if you are trying to get your website to rank above all others, than choose rank over design.

The second part of this are the hover in, glide out, zoom in text effects. Again, all these take time to load and as I have mentioned in this article, load time is really king. Content is big, but the slower the site, the bigger the ding.

All these effects and fonts are purely for design. Choose rank over design if that is your main goal.

4. Content. More Content.

Realistically, you want as many relevant words on every page as you can have. A very basic minimum, just to get you by should be 500 words per page.

Want to be king and rule over all others? Shoot for more than 1,000 words.

These should contain keywords as well. So if you are a coach, manufacturer, or something else, make your content dense with keywords your audience will be typing for.

5. Backlinks. You Need More Of Them

What other websites trust you enough to have your website link on them? Most people will have their website up, but do not have anyone referring traffic back to them.

To Google, it just looks like they would be doing you a favor sending you traffic, when others won't trust first.

The more domain authority a site has, the better the backlink will be for you. However, you still need at least 20 back links.

Just keep stacking them. It does not hurt to shoot for 100. The more people backlinking your site, it means you are more and more relevant. It will keep you at the top.

Have Fun and Well See You At The Top!

SEO should not be a nightmare like some make it out to be. If you just do not have time to figure it out, or would like our help to optimize your site, reach out. Email and we will see what areas might be lacking and can be improved to get you that #1 spot.

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