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People Buy Inferior Products Daily

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Your Product is the Superior One. Why Aren't You Selling More Then?

This is the problem of most companies. Let us know if these sound familiar:

-They manufacture overseas

-The quality is inferior

-We offer the same warranty, but customers are not aware

-The competition treats their customers horrible

-They sell on price and then leave the customer high and dry

-We offer better discounts and yet they buy from them

-They have more marketing funds

No matter the reason, everyone has the same problems in every industry. The competition is outselling you. Why?

It's simple and falls on the same problems time and time again.

1. You Need To Tell Your Story to More People

Obvious, right? However, it really is not. At least not how to successfully do it.

At some degree you are most likely doing this.

Your competition does it better.

You can learn from them. We want to question your way of thinking for a quick second. How much money and time does it take to tell 5 people your story in person in a area if you are personally going to their office? Taking into consideration you needed to call them, get them to agree to an appointment, drive to them, sit down and have them hear you out.

Too much.

Now, if you can get a YouTube video and post it on the main page of your website that gets 500 views daily you would be more successful. Your story is now told 100 times faster!

2. Be Clear on What Makes You Different

We have been in places were companies place the features of the products they are trying to sell in front of us.

When comparing it to their main competitor, they are almost identical. Now we are left to choose between two products that are the same.

There must be some main difference in the two, but we would never know. How frustrating.

Sometimes it is better to focus on one main difference and put all your marketing efforts into that. It does not matter the comfort, the feel, or how much better it is; Sometimes, you offering an exclusive color that no other company can will get you the sale. Do not overthink it.

3. Knock On More Doors

This is a problem one too many have seen. Your competition is winning more jobs because they are out there asking for them.

No matter how inferior their product or service may be, they will get the order if the customer only has them as a reference. Get out there and make contact with your potential clients.

4. Learn to Overcome Price with Value

Sure, they can sell on price. There is always going to be a low price option in the marketplace.

Walmart continues to be the low cost provider for everyday items. Yet, people still buy at Target, even with prices being higher.

Target does not have to compete in the same sector, it know the value it brings and so do its customers.

Are you looking to compete for every price driven customer?

This is a decision for you and your company to make. If this is not for you, then add more value to your price. It does not even mean you need to lose money on a deal, it can be as easy as giving the customer a guarantee you will answer them in 30 minutes or less anytime there is an issue.

Time to Set It Up!

Its now time to get started and make the necessary changes. Get in front of more customers, brand yourself, and stand out from the crowd!

Need some direction? Send us an email to or call our main number. We are happy to help you create the image your company needs to expand.

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