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Might As Well Burn Your Cash If Your Business Does This

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Traditional Advertising Is Not Dead.... Yet.

The time we are living in today is a very special one. Every few decades humans are introduced to a new form of technology that forces a disruption in the advertising industry.

Think about it, right after word to mouth, someone came out with a newspaper. All was good until a billboard followed that. Then direct mail made a big hit along with magazines.

Up until a few years ago, radio and TV were the big power houses.

However, times have changed. Its time we change with it.

Facebook Ads vs Magazine Campaign

How many people see and read your magazine ad? I'm not referring to how many magazines are distributed to the customer. No, I mean how many actual humans opened the magazine and laid their eyes on the ad you spent all that money on?

It is too hard to tell, right? Why?

This is due to there not being a way to track these results. So a $5,000 magazine ad is as good as gambling at a casino.

Facebook brings better results than this. Most people are afraid to go this avenue because there is a learning period. The good news is that the learning period is not costly. Think of it this way: Learning to promote in a magazine might take 3-4 times. Coming out to $20K. On Facebook, it could take you a month. Assuming you pay $5 a post and post daily, 20 days a month, you are looking at $100.00. In my personal experience, I have reached 4.3K people in this time that I chose through targeting.

Bad SEO/Outdated Technics

It is amazing how many people are using black hat and white hat as terms in their SEO talk. Just as things change, so did Google. Along with Google, most online platforms are looking for genuine ways to boost your performance. You can always pay to play by using Google Ads words, but if you want to remain at the top, more is needed.

Some examples are: Blogging and content creation. Cross posting onto other sites. Linking back to your site. Your website link being on other websites. And much much more.

No Social Media

Advertising that is free is the best kind of advertising. If you want more visibility you will have to pay for it. With that being said, there are still ways to expand your online presence for free.

Facebook will not show you to all its customers, but to the ones it does, the post you made cost you no dollars.

Youtube will allow you to upload videos which can be shared onto other platforms and through email with your customers.

Something to mention about Facebook and other sites that allow customers to leave reviews. This service costs your business nothing. Filling these with positive reviews is what gives customers the assurance to call you or use your services. Its like word of mouth, only better.

Final Thought: Make Sure Your Marketing Company Knows What They Are Doing

The biggest waste of your profit dollars is spending them on marketing that does not produce results. There are more and more pop up companies that do not understand the way that social media and advertising is changing every single day.

This means that the methods they are using were useful a few years ago, but are no longer relevant.

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