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How You Should Advertise on Instagram

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Instagram is Gold for B2C Products!

Does this mean that if you are offering services or are a manufacturer that all hope is lost?

Not at all!

You just need to shift what you are trying to get. Since Instagram is mobile phone based, people who end up clicking on your website or ad, will be on their phone or tablet.

When was the last time you were on your phone and absolutely thrilled to be on someone's massive website?

In order to have ads that will bring results, you must do the following:

1. Keep the Message Short and Sweet

Information overload is a huge reason why people will not make decisions. Otherwise known as the paradox of choice, too many choices leads to none being made.

You are trying to get something out of your ads. Whatever that may be, focus solely on it. If your new product has 10 new features, it would be a mistake to highlight every single one in a bullet point. Focus on the winner, the one that changes everything and is different from your competition. It will get the consumers attention and make it memorable when they decide to purchase.

2. Capture Leads and Information

Gathering emails should be a top priority when advertising. Why?

Every platform that you advertise on has rules on what you can and cannot advertise.

However, when you send emails to people who have opted into your email campaigns, you are free to advertise as you wish. Instagram makes this easy because filling out a form like the one above is not tedious to phone users.

3. Sell One Product Quickly

You have a potential customer click your ad. Now what? If they clicked, they were interested. Do you have a product to sell them? Have you made it easy for them to buy it? Are you gathering their information to later market to them?

Do you see the pattern?

Keep following the steps to grow your customer base and the amount of people every ad or email will touch when sent.

4. Links to Product Information and Where They Can Purchase

Now for you manufacturers. Lets say you don't sell to the general public. You still want to sell more product though.

You create an ad for customer awareness, and realize if they call, they cant buy. However, do you have the information of someone they can call or a link of places they can buy from?

Advertise the retail cost or partner with a company selling your product to produce this ad. You have seconds to sell to customers on the web.

Some may end up calling in to get more information, but if you could sell them online and reduce your incoming calls and questions, how much more money and time would you have?

Final Question

How many leads do you think you could capture on Instagram for your business if you knew what to do?

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