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How to Have a Successful Company Image

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Sales people sitting doing business

You know who you are and what your business stands for. Do your customers clearly see that as well?

The great thing about living in the time of the internet is we can change the story of our business at any given time. In the past, we were bound by radio, TV, magazine ads and many other ways to tell customers why they should do business with us.

With one button, we can post content that will reach hundreds of thousands of people. Markets can be targeted, the message can be changed and added to at any moment.

With all this new power at our hands, what will help us to create a positive image in the market? Consider the following 5 points.

Mission statement woman with successful business

1. Start with a Mission Statement

What does your whole company believe in? This is a statement that the receptionist to the CEO will follow. Having this made will allow you to share this with your customers. When your mission statement aligns with your everyday interactions with people, it will influence the perception of who you are.

2. Quick Response Times

The sooner the better for this one. Although it would be ideal to respond within the first second of when a customer reached out to you, it is not always possible. For the times that it is not, the ideal time to get back to a customer would be within the first ten minutes.

Most people are expecting to have an answer for a problem or inquiry instantly. Its the times we live in. How fast can you service someone? Can you impress them every time by doing it so quickly they were not even expecting it?

Why you must record yourself

3. Short Videos Are Key

At the end of the day, people want to do business with people. Posting short videos of your every day activities will show the marketplace a genuine side to what you do. Do you attend networking events, charity events that you believe in, or throw company events? These are the types of activities people like seeing from business.

Open up your camera and push the record button. It does not always have to be perfect. Sometime is just needs to be genuine.

4. Have a Story

Why did your company start? Who are you looking to help? Can you do it better than anyone else?

It's sad to say that some are still under the impression a company is just people selling services or products. Your company, as well as many others were made to solve a problem. There was pain in the marketplace and you can solve it somehow.

Find your inner voice and create a solid story that can be shared with anyone. Humans love stories and remember them longer than facts.

Will your story be remembered?

5. Post Consistently The Same Messege

This does not mean posting the same information or image day after day. Be creative in how you can change the ideas enough to keep it fresh. New content is always appreciated, no matter what industry we look at. Once you get the ball rolling, it will become second nature what you need to post.

Creativity Requires Commitment

Knowing what to post everyday or what message to tell consumers can be a challenge. How do you overcome that challenge? Be dedicated to your goal. Push through the obstacles. In order to find that creativity that lies deep within you, you must commit to find it.

Need some help on being creative or ideas on your business? Send us an email. We are more than happy to speak with you.

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