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How To Create Google Ad

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Get To Know Google And You Will Learn PPC Ads

Creating the ad on Google Adwords is the easy part in all of this. What you will need to do in order to be successful is understand how you and I use Google in order for your ad to be successful.

Before creating the ad, take time to reflect and think how your audience thinks. Having generic words like, "limited time offer, buy now, or a list of your services" will not have the desired effects you want.

Your competitors are on Google as well and able to see your ads. If you are all saying the same thing, then your ad only has a 50/50 chance of getting selected or even less. This all depends on how many people in your area are fighting for the same keyword.

Step 1: Login To Your Google Ads Account

We start this with the idea you have a Google account set up. If you do not, it is easy and you are able to do it on your own. Please go do so then return to this once it has been set up.

For everyone who has one already, you will see the page above. If it is your first time making one, you will likely see step 2.

Go ahead and click Create New Campaign and get started.

Step 2: Pick Your Desired Outcome

There are three options to choose from here but do not let this step give you doubt. Just pick the one you want the most.

You will most likely get calls and website visits as a result of all the different types of ads anyways.

When you choose one, the next steps are all the same. So, why is this step so important?

Google knows every persons tendencies. So if you are the type of person who clicks on the phone number to call, Google knows that. If you are someone who clicks, then Google knows that too.

You have three options. One is more right then the other two. Pick the best one for you and your business.

Step 3: Set Up Your Business Name and Website

Fairly simple step. Your name will be used throughout the Google Ads platform and autopopulate in ads.

Ensure you put the correct website as this is were your traffic will be directed when people click on the ad.

Step 4: Select Your Radius Or Area

Where is your targeted audience? For most people and businesses you will want to set up a radius around a specific area to let local customers know about you.

In some cases you might have bigger targets like certain states. Very rarely would I recommend using targeted areas as big as the United States for example.

In casting a net so large over open waters, you are not able to see how effective your targeting is. In most cases, you are able to get market data from what areas are states your audience lives.

If you product is for communities or golf courses, it does you no good to target the entire USA. Rather, some smaller cities would make more sense.

Failure to pay attention in this area will result in money loss out the gate.

Step 5: Select The Keywords You Want To Be Search On

Do not try to get super specific on this place. Google is actually going to give you even more words than the ones you choose, so pick the most generic ones to your industry.

If you are a pool cleaner, pick, pool cleaning. Since you only get 7 - 10, make sure you use them on words that actually matter and things people would actually search for.

I suggest picking up to 7 max because then you can see if your keywords are working. The more keywords, the less likely you can pin point which are working and which are not.

Step 6: Your Words and Copy-write

If you believe that words do not sell, think again. It is actually the fact that words sell and pictures and videos are just the hook.

Writing a great ad and trying to put one out as fast as possible is the reason you are not successful in pulling in quality leads.

Do not be cute with your call to actions here. People are looking for exact information on why they can trust your company. Once you have built credibility, ask them what you want.

Call Us, Request a Quote, Visit our website all all valid options. Let's talk, i'm ready and things like this do not work.

Step 7: Budget

This is a difficult part but is the most important. Depending on your location and the keywords you selected, Google will recommend you a budget for optimal results.

As you can see on the examples above, marketing is a saturated market and requires a higher daily threshold in order for the ads to be shown.

If you are a smaller niche and your competitors refuse to be on the internet, Google ads might be perfect for you and require a smaller budget.

Step 8: Review and Coupon Codes

Most people trying Google Ads for the first time are able to find a coupon code very easily. Google even gives you $150 when you spend $150.

This will be the area to check everything is correct before launching your ad and putting in a code to ensure you get your discount.

Step 9: Dashboard and Settings

There are a few items on here that you want to get familiar with.

First, impressions, clicks and budget are things you need to focus on daily, and for the first few days, even hourly. This is what will show if your add is working. It will not matter if you have a ton of impressions yet no one is clicking and worst calling, if this was the objective.

Second, know where to pause your ad. Sometimes Google will use more of your budget on a day as it really cares about not going over the monthly budget. Whatever your reason, know where to pause it in case it is not making sense or you need to make adjustments.

Third, On the top right it shows the ad preview. On this section you can always go back and change the wording. If you ad is not working and you feel it might be one piece of it, change that one piece first before changing the entire ad.

Step 10: Adding Analytics and Keywords

Quick tip, add your damn analytics. What is the point of this being Google Ads if you do not integrate all the information so you can track if the campaign is successful or not. Connecting them is fairly simple. Especially if you are in the same account as the ad was made on.

Second, this part it where you will burn your cash if you overlook it. See where it says search phrases?

This is what customers are looking up and where your ad is appearing. The lower your budget, the less chance you have to appear on searches you actually want. Let's use the pool cleaning company example.

Pool cleaning would be ideal as a search result, but Google might show you on pool filter. If this happens, you need to come to the Search phrases and turn that one off. Google does not know what is a good phrase for you(although it should), so you need to constantly be coming in here to see what bad phrases it has and take those out immediately.

Step 11: Bottom Of The Page / Final Edits

Should you want to make changes to location, budget or business information, scroll to the bottom of the page layout to find these items and make the needed changes.

So Now What?

Great question. Now you need to keep track of your ad and make sure it is keeping true to your original objective.

See the reason Google ads might be difficult is because this was just a crash course on the easy way of making an ad.

There are so many other options to choose from that Google will allow you to do and target if you know first how to do this basic ad.

Learning to do this one correctly can get you results and give you access to customers.

Questions? Send us an email to

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