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How To Create A Facebook Ad

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Relax, its not as hard as it seems.

Maybe its all the marketing companies telling you how difficult they are or how much money you'll waste doing it yourself.

Stop listening to the noise and take time to learn how to do this for yourself.

The only reason you should outsource this one day or pass it on to someone else it to save time. However, the more you know, the easier it is for you to tell if someone is doing it right.

Well break it down into steps so you can see what you need to do. For the sake of this post being manageable to read, the ads will be made though your Facebook page and not the ads manager.

Step 1: Find the Ads Section On Your Page

Your page will look something like this. There are headers on the top Which read: Page, Ad Center, ect.

There are three ways to make an ad. Go to the ad center, hit the blue promote button you see at the bottom left hand side or whenever you post on Facebook, it will ask you to boost a post.

Hit the promote button or go to the ad center for the next step.

Step 2: Know Your Objective

This is the part that loses people because each one of these serves a purpose. Take time to know what you are trying to accomplish in order to get the bet results.

For this example, we are going to figure you are trying to lead more people to your website, funnel, or link. Therefore the objective is website visitors.

If you were to go with something like video views because your ad is a video, you will be targeting people more likely to watch videos then click a link.

How does Facebook know the difference? I asked myself this for a long time as well, but here is the basic principle of it. If you click a lot of links when you are on Facebook, it knows. If you watch a lot of videos, then you move into that category.

Trust that Facebook wants to do right with your money as it wants you as a return customer.

Step 3: Ad Creative and Message

This is what you see as a preview when you have selected your objective. There is three parts to this.

The image or video is the initial hook for interest. Color and a simple message should be put on there. Too much wording will get it rejected by Facebook.

The message below the website is what people look at next after the picture. A quick message that solidifies what is in the picture.

Finally the wording at the top. Don't forget that words sell. If you think of this part as the least important because it is last, you are wrong. The more you can excite people about your offer here, the better. Do not make big paragraphs here and try to use words that help your reader solidify why they should click.

Step 4: Audience and Placements

This is not a section to rush to get the ad out. Skipping this part or neglecting to spend enough time on it will lose you money on your ads.

However, does this section require a lot of trial and error? Yes, it can.

Finding the correct audience can take time but it is worth it.

You can target based on interests, but there are other great options like job title, income, and other demographics.

You can be so precise that your results can come down to pennies, especially if you are an established company.

Test its slowly while you find out what works. This is one of the greatest assets on Facebook, seeing as once you have an audience that works in your industry, you own the social media space.

Once you select the audience, let Facebook know if you want automatic placements or where you want them sent to. Your three options are Facebook, messenger and Instagram.

Step 5: Budget and Ad Spend

There are two options on date and time. You can have it run continuous without an end date or have an end date.

The only reason to choose and end date is if your ad is something like an event, in which case there is no more need to keep promoting it past a date.

However, if your ad is something that you can sell, then select continuous and let me explain why.

If the ad is a flop and does not work, you can later on pause it indefinitely.

Should your ad be a major success, then you would want to keep it running forever, as long as it keeps making you sales right? Why create a new ad if this one is already working?

Assume every ad will be the greatest and save yourself from having to create an ad again if you do not need to.

Time To Create

Now that you have all the pieces, go out and try to create your first ad. You will never learn it if you are not patient and willing to learn from your mistakes.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or want help, email us at

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